• Senior & Junior Martial Arts

    Have FUN while you learn.

    Designed to teach children discipline, balance, coordination and confidence.  This class encourages team work and teaches children defence skills whilst building self esteem.

    Based on a true form of a Japanese martial art Kyokushin Kai that has been adapted to a modern style and real life confrontations.

    Learn the correct martial arts moves, combinations and defence techniques with a challenging grading system.

  • Cardio / Boxing Class

    A high energy boxing circuit, designed for all fitness levels.

    A motivating class combining all aspects of boxing and stamina work.  All over body conditioning and fitness.  Designed for all ages and all fitness levels.  This class will leave you screaming for MORE!

  • Personal Training

    One hour of personal training with qualified and highly motivated trainers helping you reach your fitness goals – shaping a better, stronger body! Take the challenge to building a better and fitter NEW you!

  • Women's Self Defence

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  • Men's Self Defence

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  • Team Building

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  • Kids Parties

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